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ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate

By the end of August 2007, L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi was granted ISO 9001:2000 Certificate by Quacert (Quality Certification Body) for the field of health care services. The project for ISO 9001:2000 Certificate had been achieved after two years (from 2005 to 2007)

In July 2013, L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi are proud to receive three-year ISO 9001:2008 certification by the QUACERT

Attached file:    ISO 9001: 2008 (589 Kb)

Certificates of Excellence by Vietnam Minister of Health

Certificates of Excellence from Minister of Health were awarded to L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi for the year 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Certificate of Merit by Hanoi Department of Science and Technology

In April 2009, Certificate of Merit from Hanoi Department of Science and Technology was awarded to L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi for the year 2008.

Certificate of VCCI

Certificate of Merit by VCCI as the best achievement in health care services and supporting enterprise community in 2005.

Attached file:    VCCI (4569 Kb)


L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi - The Hospital is well-known for fighting against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003. Five of its staffs died from treating patients but the disease was then successfully isolated and stopped in Vietnam.

For this achievement, the Hospital was awarded several Certificates by Vietnamese Government and International Organizations:
The 3rd Level Labor Medal in SARS Prevention Campaign by Mr.Tran Duc Luong - The President of Vietnam in 2004;

  • Gold Medal of “Dedication and Courage” by French Government in 2003;
  • Certificate of Merit for SARS Prevention Campaign by Vietnam Ministry of Health in 2003
Attached file:    SARS (2579 Kb)
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