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When you are well enough to leave the Hospital, your doctor will write prescription for your discharge. It is advisable that you make arrangements with your family members or friends to accompany you home on the day of discharge.

Discharge time

Discharge time is generally planned for 11:00am.

Please note if patient is discharged after 12:00 noon, there will be an additional half-day room charge. If you wish to leave after 20:00, an extra hospitalization will be charged.

For maternity patients, discharge will be proceeded within 1 day upon labor following normal delivery and 4 days following a c-section. Late check-out and/ or over 24 hours hospitalization for ante-natal observation will be charged additionally.

Discharge documents comprising of discharge form, test results, imaging report, prescription, medical report, etc. will be given to you by cashier at discharge settlement point.

Medical expense

Your bill will be updated every two days.

Our staff will inform you when your hospital bill is ready. Please settle the Hospital bill at the cashier counters.

Non-insured Patients

  • You or your relatives will be handed the invoice to settle at the Cashier Counter.
  • The payment can be made in cash or by credit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

Insured Patients

  • If you are covered by insurance or assistance organizations, the Hospital needs to send your final bill to the insurance or assistance companies by facsimile for verification, approval and further instructions.
  • Upon receipt of the Guarantee Letter, any prior deposit made by the patient will be fully refunded and you are still required to sign discharge invoice at the Cashier.
  • In the event that your treatment expenses are excluded from your medical insurance policy, the insurance company will not issue the Guarantee of Payment to the Hospital. When this occurs, you shall settle the bill in full
  • Please note that non-medical items, such as food and beverage (additional / special orders), telephone and fax charges, lodger fees, etc are normally not covered by insurance or assistance organizations.

Corporate Clients

If your company has established credit facilities with the Hospital, your company will need to issue a Guarantee of Payment. You will need to bring this Guarantee Letter at your admission or within 24 hours of admission. Otherwise, you shall settle the bill yourself.

Take-Home Medication

Please present the Payment Receipt to the ward staff who will hand over your Take-Home medication. You will be advised on how to take your medications.

Follow-up care

An Appointment Card will be provided if you have a follow-up appointment. For post-operation follow-up, the patient is entitled to one free consultation.


To make an appointment or change your appointment, please contact our reservation at 84-4-35771100 (Ext: 1226/ 1227/ 1228)

Should you have any questions regarding the payment, please contact Customer Service Manager during office hours at 84-4-35771100 (Ext.: 1119)

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