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ENT & Surgery of the FACE and NECK


  • Internal medicine treatment for external otitis, acute or subacute otitis media, adenoidectomy with or without diabolo placement for the recurrent and iterative rhinopharyngitis.
  • Tympanoplasty for the treatment of simple or dangerous chronic otitis (such as cholesteatoma).
  • Hearing tests (audiometry, impedancemetry, acoustic otoemission, etc.) for an appropriate treatment plan that can be surgical treatment (in otosclerosis) or for audio-prosthesis placement in inner ear hearing loss.
  • Treatment of vertigo and tinnitus
ENT is a «multiple» specialty that works in close collaboration with the departments of pediatrics, Pneumology & Allergy, Dermatology, Dental surgery, etc.

Nose and Sinus

  • Infectious and allergic rhinitis.
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Video-endoscopic sinus surgery to treat chronic sinusitis.
  • Septoplasty to treat nasal obstruction
  • Rhinoplasty to correct deformation resulted by trauma or for aesthetic reason (increase or reduce the height of the nose bridge with silicon prosthesis)

Throat and Neck

  • Acute amygdalitis and pharyngitis
  • Tonsillectomy to treat chronic or recuring amygdalitis.
  • Detection of oral cancers (occuring in the tongue, pharynx, larynx and cavum) present with dysphagia, dysphonia, otalgy, adenopathy, etc. The treatment is multi-disciplinary approach involing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Cysts and congenital fistula in the neck
  • Partial or total thyroidectomy for cancer, goiter, thyroid nudules.
  • Functional dysphonia linked to vocal malmenage (vocal cord nudules, cysts or polyps, etc). Diagnostic video-fibroscopy, endoscopic laryngeal microsurgery.

Facial Traumatology

  • Multiple facial wounds, nasal fracture, etc.
  • Titanium miniplate osteosynthesis for the treatment of maxillary or malar fractures.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Face and Neck

  • Treatment of benign or malignant skin tumors in the face
  • Remove wrinkles with botox or hyaluronic acid injections
  • Otoplasty to correct protruding ears
  • Eyelid surgery: blepharoplasty to remove “pockets” under the eyes and/ or to repair the skin folds of the upper eyelids.
  • Nasal surgery: rhinoplasty to increase or reduce the height of the nose for harmonized look.
  • Partial or complete facial lifting
ENT is a medical and surgical specialty, exactly and officially called:

Ear – Nose – Throat and Surgery of the FACE and NECK

1 - Medication: used to treat frequent infections.

2 - Surgery: applied when infections become chronic and medications are not effective

ENT & Surgery of the Face and Neck
Dr. Nguyễn Ngô Phong

Dr. Nguyen Ngo Phong has more than 20 years of experience in treatment of ENT pathologies. Over the years, he has successfully performed over 500 ear surgery procedures, over 600 endoscopic sinus procedures. He regularly performs tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy using various devices such as Peak Plasma blade, Coblator, Hummer, etc.

Besides, Dr. Phong has executed operations involving the thyroid gland, parotide, congenital fistule, benign and malign lesions of ear-nose-throat.

Dr. Nguyen Ngo Phong received his diploma at Hanoi Medical University in 1993. He then completed his first specialization degree in ENT in 1998 and second specialization degree in ENT in 2014.

Dr. phong completed residency training in ENT at Strasbourg, France in 1999. He attended international training courses in ear surgery and sinus endoscopy at Oklahoma, North Carolina and Georgia, US in 2001 and in Thailand in 2012.
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