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Animated by a Franco-Vietnamese team who used to work in multicultural environment, this project was born through the acquisition of the Vietnam International Hospital in the year 2000 by a French company.

The founding team was formed by the merger of the former team of the "Vietnam International Hospital” and a group of French physicians of all specialties.

Since early 2000, the Franco-Vietnamese team has united in the hospital project. Thanks to the cooperation, the talents of the Vietnamese team (trained abroad, fluency in French or English and other languages) motivated by the international medical development have been combined with skills of fellow French, who are attracted by the great opportunity of devoting the best of their ability to the medical career in the Vietnamese context.

It is a polyclinic hospital with 20 specialties and international medical services meeting the needs of a population that wishes to find suitable medical care and treatment in Vietnam comparable to what is looked for as a trend in other countries.

Over the last ten years, all the team in L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi has always been proud of the contribution to the spectacular development of the quality of health care services in Hanoi and Vietnam.

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