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The Laboratory Department is providing results of medical analysis, including hematology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, cytology and pathology to the physicians for proper diagnosis, treatment, follow-up of in-patients and out-patients as well as for periodic health screenings.

It operates every day, 24 hours per day and all results are put under control by Head of Laboratory.

The Laboratory is well equipped with automated analyzers using barcode reader.

Thanks to an integrated tool, the results from the analyzers will be automatically sent to LIS interfaced system (Laboratory Information System) when the analyzer has completed the testing order. And physicians are able to access and view results in his room (on TD web).

In order to ensure the reliability of test results, internal quality control procedures are practised for all tests using the test kits and specimens of BIO-RAD, SYSMEX, ABBOTT, RANDOX, etc. These specimens are tested everyday on laboratory machine system.

In addition, our analyzers are under accredited by external quality control programs like RCPA from Australia, CAP (College of American Pathologists) from US.

Through these programs, the Hospital Laboratory annually receives accreditation by CAP.

In some cases, to meet a wide variety of requirements for diagnostic lab testing services and to obtain highest lab quality, samples may be sent to reference external laboratories for analysis.

The Department is also responsible for supplying blood products pertaining to blood transfusion within the Hospital in compliance with blood safety regulations. Moreover, routine bacteriological surveillance is performed with a view to prevent our patients and staff from infection in the Hospital.

What’s more, the Laboratory is staffed by a team of experienced and skilled doctors, masters, and technicians who are dedicated to their profession. They are all eager to learn and eager to improve their knowledge.

To better serve patients in the coming time, we are now developing a master plan for the renovation of the existing laboratory facility. This new plan will allow us to meet the growing demand for health care by higher lab quality, increasing the number of tests performed in the Hospital and reducing waiting time for test report.

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