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Pre-admission can be arranged through our reception counters on each floor of the Hospital.

The following procedures should be necessary for your admission:

  • Sign Service Agreement and/ or Consent to Treatment (for surgical treatment)
  • Select type of room (single or share depending of availability);
  • Present your passport;
  • Present Insurance Cards, Guarantee Letter of Payment, Privileged Cards (H Plus cards or Preferred Service Agreement) (if applicable)
  • Make pre-payment and deposit

Patients are then given an Admission Card and a Patient Information Leaflet.

The pre-admission process ensures that the information provided is stored in our Hospital Information System for future retrieval.

Pre-payment and deposit for your treatment

For Surgical Treatment

Deposit 100% value of the Service Agreement plus total estimation of the bed fee for the hospitalization.

For Internal Medicine Treatment

  • 12.000.000VND for General Ward;
  • 30.000.000VND for Intensive Care Unit.

Deposits can be made in cash or by credit cards (Visa, Master cards). Personal check is not accepted.

Please note that additional deposit will be required during hospitalization when the patient’s expenses exceed the initial deposit.

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