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Pricing Policy

Facilitate access to quality health services

Prices and tariffs have been established on European references and calculated to allow affordability to the largest public. To serve this objective, the Hospital has created, from its inception, a two tiered tariff to facilitate access for the Vietnamese patients.

This policy is meant to allow L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi to better serve its mission as social actor of Hanoi capital city and region with an attendance rate of more than 80% for national patients.

The same tariff applied equally to insured and non-insured.

Clearness in establishing cost of care

For more transparency, prices and tariffs are given for each procedure and service. Your bill will single out the costs of consultation, complementary examinations, laboratory, pharmacy, etc.

Tariffs for surgical operations and procedures are inclusive of all surgery services and pre-anesthesia consultation. However, costs of hospitalization (room charge), medications and other treatments prescribed during hospitalization will be billed separately.

One (or more, depending on surgery) follow-up consultation is included in the surgical tariff.

Please do not hesitate to ask your doctor an estimation of the cost for the whole treatment plan, as an out-patient or in-patient.

Facilitate Coverage by Insurance Companies

Treatments and services to patients covered by a medical insurance are billed exactly the same way than for non-insured patients. Our staff, cashiers, receptionists, medical secretaries as well as doctors are trained in order to best simplify your paperwork in claiming insurance coverage.

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