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Quality Assurance

Hanoi French Hospital commenced establishment of Quality Management System in line with requirements of ISO 9000 as early as the mid-2000 when our Hospital had just gone out of SARS crisis. And by 2007, our Quality Management System was officially audited and certified to be in compliance with ISO 9000.

We so far have been continuously sustaining and improving our quality management activities in an attempt to catch up with newly emerging requirements of development policies, business environment as well as the increasing and diversified demands from our customers. Our Quality Management System, therefore, has been always highly appraised by the certification body and periodically certified to be in compliance with ISO 9000 in all re-certification audits.

Besides, our Hospital has employed Lean Six Sigma in improvement activities to meet internal demands for development as well as to sustain and continuously increase customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma is a modern improvement method currently applied worldwide. A number of Lean Six Sigma projects recently implemented by the Hospital improvement teams in consultation with international and national improvement experts showed positive outcomes. We have improved process performance by re-shuffling work steps, eliminating factors that cause wastes or mistakes, increasing steps that further create values for customers, decreasing waiting time, etc.
Moreover, Lean Six Sigma projects also help intensify work efficiency and sense of responsibility of our staff, cut cost, and enhance customer satisfaction towards the Hospital’s services. Notably, one of the projects was highly assessed by professionals and managers in medical sector at Asia Hospital Management Conference 2012 and L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi named Excellent Award for “Most Improved Local Hospital”

It is of certainty that Lean Six Sigma has been strengthening the essential role of quality improvement activities in our company culture. Basing on strong background of our Hospital and constant efforts of board of management and all staffs, we are launching new improvement projects in an attempt to constantly intensify quality of an international standard medical care under the model of Hospital-Hotel to sustain customer satisfaction and ensure a modern work environment for our staff.

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