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For the safety of the patients and the comfort of the visitors, we kindly request all visitors should wait outside the wards at the designated areas.

Visitors found waiting in corridors or in restricted areas shall be kindly asked to leave. Visitors are not permitted to use the hospital services and facilities meant for patients, such as laundry, bathing and showering, etc.

Smoking and use of alcohol inside the hospital are strictly prohibited.

In some areas of the hospital, the use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden as it can interfere with patient monitoring equipment.

In all other areas of the hospital, the usage is strongly discouraged. Please observe the signals throughout the hospital which indicate if you are allowed to use your mobile phone.

Visitors are kindly requested to turn off their mobile phones while they are in a consultation room or ward. When using a mobile phone within the environs of the hospital, please respect others and use discretion.

Wash your hands: It is very important to remember to WASH your hands regularly.

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